Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lucy Appleseed

Lucy can eat an apple by herself. It's really cute because she holds it with two hands, and turns it around and gnaws on it like a squirrel, with her eyebrows furrowed, like "nobody better take away my apple!" She's good at it though, and it's an easy way for her to self-feed while I do something else. Today during lunch I gave her an apple to work on while I did dishes. Before I realized it she had eaten almost the entire thing... down to nothing more than a nub the size of a peach pit. This means some of the core must've been eaten too... and now she's a little worried that an apple tree is going to start growing inside her tummy.

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Katie said...

Ella loves to eat apples that way too! It never occured to me to give a baby an apple, but a few months ago we were in a store that had a bin of fresh apples out and Dylan handed her one without me knowing. It keeps her quiet for a long time!