Monday, March 10, 2008

Membership is Up...

... at Spring Valley Community Church - because yesterday a group of people made profession/reaffirmation of faith and became official members. This happens a couple of times per year, and we were in this group. Along with our profession of faith, Lucy and I were baptized (Ron had been baptized as an infant). We went through a lot of Cheerios and a Dum-Dum sucker to keep Lucy happy... it was a long morning being there for both services, picture taking, and occupying a toddler. She spent some time in the nursery which she is still not 100% accustomed to. My mom stayed in there with her for a while since she instantly had a meltdown and I was hoping she'd be in a calm state for her baptism/etc. It was nice to finally become members after a few years of attending, and all of our parents were there for the occasion.

All in all Lucy did very well and, after a nap at home, was even in a good enough mood to play with three rowdy cousins that afternoon when my brother- and sister-in-law came over with their kids (and Papa Murphey's pizzas).

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