Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Ugh - this morning Lucy was just not herself... and it was rubbing off on me. I think she was tired, and has a couple molars working their way through... then out of nowhere she climbed up onto the couch and landed her pointy little knee, with all her weight behind it, right onto her little brother or sister. I got really worried for a while, and I think that was making Lucy even crabbier. I Google'd all the different key words to find something reassuring and eventually found a message board where this type of thing had happened to other people and everything turned out fine. Basically for injury to occur to the baby, the mother would probably have to be pretty injured herself. Also, the fetus is pretty safely protected by fluid and muscle, etc. Still, I'm looking forward to my checkup tomorrow afternoon, and to hearing the heartbeat. I'm sure everything is okay, but I'm going to have to protect myself more from our little (big) girl... she doesn't know any better.

Has something similar happened to anyone else?

So, she got some Tylenol and is down for an earlier nap than usual... sounds like a good idea to me, too.


Katie said...

Dylan used to crawl all over me when I was pregnant too. You learn to be more relaxed the second time around :) I'm sure that little baby is just fine!

Mindy said...

yeah my last pregnancy was totally uneventful as well... i'm hoping this one is similar!