Sunday, March 30, 2008

Quick Post to Procrastinate

Today: went to church, went to grocery store, went to Burger King (ugh, I know... nutritious lunch for us!), Lucy taking nap, I washed a mountain of dishes (luckily we're buying a dishwasher with part of our economic stimulus check!), Ron is at a Rampage game with our friend Keith. I should continue cleaning... it's really gotten away from us the past couple of days. Toys are scattered everywhere. Also, our island is covered with miscellany, which we knew would happen when we designed the kitchen but went ahead with it anyway. With it being part of a great room, it really needs to stay clear or it makes the whole room feel cluttered. Motivating, I guess...

Anyway, this weekend flew by. We did end up going to Olive Garden Friday night. Combined with the unlimited breadsticks and salad (which was filling enough), we split an entrée. It seems cheap, but let me tell you, it was PLENTY of food and we saved some money. We still left feeling quite full, and our total bill was just over $20 (the amount of our gift card)! So we just basically had to pay the tip... pretty good for a nice dinner.

We also rented a Wes Anderson movie that we hadn't seen yet: The Darjeeling Limited. Usual group of actors/actresses + Adrien Brody who I thought was really great. Random sidenote: I thought Jason Schwartzman looked really good with a mustache. Anyway, it was strange and slow and pretty, and ultimately meaningful (if you search hard enough)... but if you don't usually like Wes Anderson movies, steer clear.

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