Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Beach Bum (a happy one this time)

Lucy hated sand the first time we took her to the beach this year (Tunnel Park), but since taking her to Grand Haven - today was the second day in a row - she absolutely loves it! When I pulled up to my mom's site at the state park, and she got Lucy out of the car, Lucy made a bee-line for the sand to play with buckets and shovels, filling them and dumping them out. Of course I was prepared for both Lucy and myself to be protected from the sun (I burn just about as easily as a baby anyway). It was quite warm most of the day, and down by the water, the breeze was perfect... not too cold. Thanks to multiple coats of SPF 30, Lucy didn't get burned at all!
Lucy was hesitant to get near the big lake, but eventually ventured in as far as her shins (with somebody there to hold her hand!)... which is a good start! She wasn't even all that willing to go touch the water with either myself or my mom, but a family friend Sara was the lucky charm. Lucy felt like she had a new buddy, and went with her to fill her bucket with water... coming back all proud, excited, clapping and grinning ear to ear. It was so cute to watch her play and get all sandy on the same beach I went to so many summers as a kid. Actually it's just fun to watch her play like a "kid" no matter where we are - like she is really starting to enjoy trying new things and can do so much more than she could last year. We ended our stay with an ice cream cone and headed home (no nap) around 4:30. She fell asleep before I even got to US-31, but was up for the rest of the night until bedtime...

...sidenote: the bedtime process took about 20 minutes tonight! Getting shorter and shorter!

Anyway, I think we're going back to Grand Haven on Sunday for Father's Day so hopefully the weather is nice! More photos from today HERE.


Katie said...

I love that bathing suit!

Mindy said...

got it at target! hides the big belly quite nicely :)