Wednesday, June 11, 2008


For the past 2 nights Lucy has slept in her big girl bed in her new room! We're excited to be taking steps toward this, but it wasn't without a bit of a battle. The first night (Monday) she thought it was a game for the first 10 times she came out. Then the crying began. After about 25 times out of bed she started hauling everything with her: her blankets, little pillow, Pink Bear, and baby. Eventually she began to slow down and stayed in bed until she fell asleep. It only took about 51 times putting her back, and just about an hour. The first couple of times we take a little extra time to say goodnight again, give her a kiss, etc. but after that it's just a matter of physically putting her in bed to send the message. It might sound harsh but it's the proven method from "Super Nanny" and we're believers that she tends to have success so her methods must be worth a shot (the idea is to not give the child what they're trying to get from you - engagement, conversation, and more time awake).

Then last night she remembered. Her screaming was as if she was in agony, and she's so strong that it was literally impossible to keep in laying down long enough to even leave the room. Although she fought harder, she fought shorter and was staying in bed / falling asleep within 45 minutes. I have to say the fact that she was screaming so intensely was hard to handle (I didn't really feel "sorry" for her, but probably for hormonal reasons, her emotions rub off on me), and I was so tired from carrying her - she seems to weigh more when she's fighting you - that Ron took more turns than me. Toward the end I did resort to staying in there, rubbing her chest until she stopped hyperventilating. That helped a lot and then I was able to walk away. She started crying instantly but stopped that on her own after a couple minutes, and I could peek in and see her lay back down on her own. She got stubbornness from both of us, in case you're curious.

In the morning(s) she might get out of bed but she doesn't leave her room - or hasn't tried yet - and she's in a great mood. We're hoping by the end of the week the shrieking stops. All in all, it's going pretty well!

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