Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day

Sorry I haven't updated this in a while... we've been pretty busy and when I have had free time, I haven't felt like blogging. Anyway, this past weekend was Father's Day. We went to church in the morning (where Lucy did awesome in nursery!), and then straight to Grand Haven for the day and hung out with my parents. We also saw quite a few other friends of the family - some who I hadn't seen in years - and Lucy had another chance to play on the beach ("beach! beach! beach!"). This time she was even more fearless when it came to getting in the water... and she sat in the waves, letting them knock her right over. She loved it, but the rest of us thought the water was a little chilly! Another day at the beach, and this time she only got a tiny bit of sunburn on her face, but it's already almost faded. I took more photos, and when it comes time to do this year's album (I'm making a book with Blurb instead of a typical scrapbook... I'm already 60 pages in!), I will have plenty to pick from to remember the summer. We plan on taking her back to the beach throughout the summer, because it's a great way to tire a kid out (well, it tires us all out), and she has so much fun!
So even though it's belated, I should mention that I'm very blessed to be married to a guy who makes such an effort to spend quality time with his daughter. She has him wrapped around her finger, as they say. Lucy loves him back too, and every day when he comes home she goes nuts and runs over to him squealing. In his free time, the first priority is to make sure he can see her, and he is always making the most of opportunities to teach her new things... as well as just goof around and be silly. We always try to be a team when it comes to parenting - which isn't always "black and white" or easy, or simple, and it's nice to be with someone who is so involved and cares so much about how our kid(s) are raised. So happy Father's Day to all the dads out there, as well as the dads-to-be!

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