Thursday, June 12, 2008

Heritage Park

Today we had a picnic lunch at Heritage Park in Grandville. We even have a real picnic basket - a wedding gift - which hasn't gotten much use (only once or twice), so hopefully we can start doing this more often. Those are IBC root beers, by the way. Lucy was drinking Carpi Sun.

There is a beautiful pond with a trail going all around it, plenty of wildlife, and a great playground. There also seems to be a lot more open space than some other parks for running around, and it would take a long time for Lucy to get anywhere near the parking lot or the street... we just have to make sure she doesn't chase a duck into the water.

Here's a photo of a Great Blue Heron - it wouldn't let me get very close, but it was pretty cool to see one on the pond amidst so many ducks. I guess seeing ducks gets old for me...

Across the pond from where we sat is the old #10 Schoolhouse. Kind of scenic... I guess they give tours. For now we've just peeked in the windows.
After eating, we went to the playground where Lucy burned off some more energy. It was humid and warm, even though it wasn't very sunny - and before too long she started looking really red in the face (I had sunscreen on her before we left so I know she wasn't burning). I was starting to overheat myself, so we called it quits and made our way back to the car. Here are some more photos.

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