Monday, June 02, 2008

Grand Haven

Yesterday was such a nice day, we we desperate to get out and do something - so we went to Grand Haven and walked around with Lucy. In the photos she is ringing the bell on this buoy... other kids were doing it, so we thought it was okay for her to do it too. We didn't really do much besides look at boats (there had been a big fishing tournament and Lucy got to see some real pros cleaning salmon down at Chinook), and get a little exercise. I didn't even take many pictures. Lucy enjoyed the scenery and we're looking forward to going back many times. The Pronto Pup line was way too long, so we skipped that, and it was actually quite chilly by the channel - so ice cream didn't really sound good either.

After we left we went to Main St. Pub in Allendale for dinner, and Lucy squirmed in her high chair like never before. She even discovered a leg under the table to push off of, and almost toppled over backward a couple times before we resorted to holding it down with our own feet (because I don't think she realizes she could fall and get hurt). She wasn't misbehaving, but was just really hyper and saying "hi" LOUDLY to everyone, and jabbering - although we continued to tell her to use her "inside voice"... or a couple times resort to a "shhhh!", or a french fry to quiet her down! There's only so much you can do, ya know? At least she was a happy loud kid so hopefully we didn't annoy the other people too much!

And... it's June - so I have new blog colors (inspired by the pretty blue of our neighbor's pool just uncovered yesterday).

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