Monday, June 23, 2008


Today we went to John Ball Zoo - after a couple other stops we had to make. We got there around 12:30 so it was already pretty busy, but eventually we found a place to park.

I probably sound like a scrooge but I would much rather get there when they open and avoid some of the crowdedness... something to keep in mind for next time. However, we had eye appointments this morning, and then stopped for lunch at Russ' so we didn't get there as early as we should have.

Anyway, we had Lucy in the stroller most of the time, and saw a lot of cool animals. The snow leopard was hiding, which bummed me out - but we did get to see the new Lion exhibit, which is set up really nicely but the lions are hiding way up in the back, up on the top of the hill. There is a stairway lookout that can get you a closer view, so we went up there and the male turned around, so I got to get some good photos of him. They were just lazing around like lazy lions. C'mon lions! Earn your paycheck! Climb the trees and growl! At the lower part of the exhibit there are thick glass walls where, conceivably, the lions could come right down and be inches away from your face! That would be awesome! Lucy was pretty tired, even by the time we got there, and it's hard to get great pictures that include both the child and the animals... but I think she enjoyed herself (despite the fact she looks quite serious in almost all the pictures she is in). She fell asleep in the car on the way home - but when we put her down in her bed she woke up and stayed awake for the rest of the afternoon... geesh.

As she gets older she will hopefully be more and more interested in what she is seeing, and be able to walk more and not get knocked down by kids running through at top speed. So, we hope to go back at least one more time this summer, and maybe get a glimpse of that alleged snow leopard.
Here are our photos

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