Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baby Names released their list of the top names of 2008 for boys and girls. I find it interesting to watch some of the trends and see how they change. According to their list, for 2008, Henry actually was in the top 100 at #84. Lucy has climbed to #74, but the name was not in the top 100 the year she was born. If we had had another girl, she would have been named Alice (not on the list either). Both Henry and Alice were in the top 10 in the 1900's, so clearly we've gone with the old-fashioned names trend. Well, I guess it depends on which list you look at, since they all tend to be a little bit different. The fact is, the trends are similar across the board. I found the "official" list at the Social Security Administration, although the 2008 list isn't ready yet. It might be fun to look up your own name, or your birth year, just for kicks.

Naming a baby is fun and exciting when you are expecting. There is a lot of pressure to find something that you (and hopefully the kid) will love forever. I really like my name because there weren't too many other Mindys around when I was growing up. To this day I only know a few. It's not short for anything, and it just suits me, I guess because it's all I've ever known! My name hit its peak in 1979 (rank 81), and then went right back out of the top 100. When I was born in 1981, it was ranked at #154.

I get these little e-mails about our children's development and it has articles, so when this one showed up in my inbox I thought it would be interesting for some people to take a look at, and then I went on to find a more comprehensive and accurate source. If you're currently expecting, this is definitely something that will be on your mind!


Ron said...

My name was #55 the year I was born (1978)!

Heath said...

Looks my name peaked the year (1974)before I was born at #181. It was #188 the year I was born.

Anonymous said...

Carla isn't even on the list of 1,000!

Dykema's said...

This was fun! When each of us born:
Leticia was #240 (#991 in 2007)
Rob(ert) was #9
Madisyn was #381 (only due to the spelling)
Landon was #49