Thursday, January 08, 2009


Not a post about potty training... :)

I had started painting our main floor bath green, and didn't like it. I decided I could try adjusting the paint myself, and worse case scenario would be I'd have to buy new paint. I added some brown (the color of our front door), and a small amount of it was enough to do the trick, and take the neon edge off the green. Now it's still a cheerful color but a little more natural looking. I should be able to finish that room up tonight. I am also repainting the ceiling in there, since it needed it very badly (previous owners were sloppy painters), and I never did it when we initially moved in. Both kids are napping at the same time (!!!!) so it gave me a chance to get a lot done!

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Dykema's said...

Amazing! I would have never thought of changing the color myself!