Friday, January 16, 2009

Potty Post

I think it's customary for parents of toddlers to share their potty-training experiences on their blogs.... at least a few people I know do it, and I'm no exception. So I apologize to those who would rather not hear about such things.

Lucy's been doing pretty well with the potty chair, as long as she runs around with no diaper / pants on. She knows it's coming and will run to it and sit down to pee. However, she was refusing to go #2 even if she really had to. We'd put a diaper back on and she'd go within minutes. Today, however, she finally did it! I actually ran downstairs to check my Facebook, and then I heard her shouting "I went poopy in the potty chair!" over and over, so I ran upstairs and sure enough, she had! I think this is a big next step in this process. We go with a fairly no-pressure approach. It's available for her to use, but I'd rather her run around and go about her normal routine than to sit on the potty for hours on end waiting passively for things to happen. She gets rewarded with candy as well as a sticker on a chart that hangs on the fridge, and some singing, dancing, clapping, hugs, high-fives, etc.

My only dilemma is I still don't know how to get her to tell us before hand if she needs to go, in case we start letting her wear panties. It seems like she goes right back to the mentality that she's wearing a diaper. So, that's the next step! Fun times. At least she's making progress. :) Good job Lucy!!!

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Katie said...

Potty posts rock! I just posted one too but mine is less fun :) Good job to Lucy!