Monday, January 12, 2009


Here is the space above our foyer, there is a ceiling fan there, which someday we plan to replace! It his brass and white with no cover over the lightbulb! You can see part of the paint job I was talking about too. Anyway, ever since we found this house we wanted to put something interesting up there. Most people suggest a large vase/urn thingy with some kind of fake plant or grasses in it. I haven't written that idea off entirely, but part of me wants to find something a little more interesting.

The accent colors in our room are orange and turquoise. The style is a very casual but modern/simple look. I like mid-century and vintage things. Any suggestions for something to place up there?


Heath said...

You could paint a fun design on the back wall of it. That might help break up the space some. Otherwise, it looks like a good new "time out" location. :)

Katie said...

My design answer is always a barn star! Find a big one and either hang it on the wall or prop it up. They add dimension and fill up space in an interesting sort of way. Easy to find them in a variety of colors and they're cheap too.

Mindy said...

that's a good idea. so far it tops the list. thanks!