Monday, January 12, 2009

Multi-Themed Post, Can't Think of a Title

Well, I've finished painting the bathroom - I like it. It's a tad brighter than I would have originally wanted, but it's a vast improvement from the "invisible lavender" that it used to be (meaning it looked almost white, with white trim. Exciting). The brass TP dispenser is the kind that is recessed into the wall. They only make them in brass or chrome, those toilet paper dispenser making devils! So Ron spray-painted ours with nickel Rustoleum. Better now. We switched all the beige switches/outlets to white too. A couple minor cracks were patched before being painted, so overall it's a huge difference.

I'm about 75% done with the great room, which we decided to do in two tones of warm gray (off the same swatch) to accentuate some of the unique architecture. The darker color almost looks a bit olive, but we like it. I'll post pictures soon. We had to borrow an extension ladder from a neighbor. The A-frame (I shall name "old wobbly") we have works for some areas, but I just can't get high enough to cut in waaaay up toward the top. I am not very scared of heights. In fact I don't think Ron would mind if I revealed the fact that he'd probably be more scared than I was up there, but I don't exactly love it either. He'd be perfectly willing to suffer through it for me, but I am a control/neat-freak when it comes to painting, so I'd rather do it myself. I'll go as far as to use an arts and crafts brush to make sure I'm cutting in a neat line. I know that sounds horrible... but I'm being honest about it. Ron has really been off the hook in this department since we've been married. I'm glad the worst parts of the room are done. The rest I can finish today without using the big scary ladder.

My parents took Lucy for most of the day yesterday, and there is no way we would've gotten even a fraction of the work done with her at home. She went to the Treehouse at Rivertown, baked cookies, and watched a small portion of The Little Mermaid before declaring that she didn't like it! What the heck!?! Maybe when she's a bit older.

Henry wasn't exactly the most cooperative boy though, since he seems to have started teething. Pink cheeks (cute), mild fever, lots of extra drool, and screaming. His high-pitched shriek sounds just like the smaller dentist drill. It really makes you work fast to figure out how to calm him down! Smart boy. I dug out the Orajel and that made him stop instantly, but its effect doesn't last long enough. He basically didn't nap yesterday so Ron spent a lot of the day holding him and trying to keep him happy. That was his "job" while I painted.

We received our DirectTV Saturday, which has led to us having HGTV on pretty much all weekend. I like the new setup, and browsing through channels while you're still watching one, etc, is nice. The picture is also much sharper.

I feel like the weekend was really productive, although it went by too quickly. After the great room is done being painted, I'll work my way through the mudroom, stairway, and into the basement... should be a painty week! When I get started on something like this, I don't want to drag it out for too long.

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