Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Repainting... More Than Half the House!

I admit it is crazy, but I have taken on the job of repainting our great room (and hallway, and mudroom). Anyone who has been to our house knows that we have tall ceilings, and a lot of windows to go around, and a few weird nooks and crannies. I have almost all the cutting-in done. I will now explain why I'm doing this when I just painted it a little over a year ago!

1: There are plenty of scuffs, dents, a hole created by Lucy, misc. casualties of home-improvements, etc. on our walls and hallway, and the paint left over from the original job is barely enough to do the touch-ups needed, that is, if it hasn't separated and turned yucky. There was about an inch of paint left in the bucket and it's probably not "good" anymore. The paint color used was an adjusted custom color, so it is literally impossible to match it with new purchased paint.

2: I've always felt that there was a bit too much of pink in the color, and wanted something that is a grayer tan. After getting some of the new paint on the walls, I see the colors are very similar, but the new one is a tad more gray, which is exactly what I wanted. Thank goodness, because we really didn't want to adjust another 5 gallon bucket of paint.

3: We are going to paint the basement in two colors - a neutral and a brownish orange (accent walls). I can do double-duty with the new paint and redo the upstairs as well as the basement, stairway, and basement hallway, which are currently scuffed-up white, and the basement bedroom which is blue spongepaint. I believe we have enough paint for that. If not, we can buy more of the exact same color without an issue, since we didn't have it adjusted. Painting is a great way to make walls appear so much cleaner and newer... our basement definitely needs that more than any other space in the house, it's so banged up!

Meanwhile I have started repainting the upstairs bathroom, but stopped. I started with the green we bought back in July of 2008. I have tried and tried and can't convince myself to like it. It's too much of an obnoxious green, although it doesn't bother Ron. He thinks it's nice but gives me the final veto power when it comes to this kind of stuff. Probably a good thing because if I had to start each day looking at that green bathroom I would be pretty crabby. I still want it green, but a more neutral, natural green. The one in there now is too limey, and reminds me of Easter candy. Not that I have a problem with Easter, I just don't like it on my walls.

As much as I dislike painting (probably because I've done so much), I love how much of an impact it has on the look of a room, for relatively little money. A few days of work is well worth it to me. Well, all this work might take me more than a few days... ;)


Dykema's said...

I need to get tips from you because I'd LOVE to repaint our family room (greatroom, dining room, whatever you want to call it :) ). I just always thought that we'd have to hire someone out!

Mindy said...

the only thing i can suggest is use rob's height advantage! the high spots can be pretty terrifying on an extension ladder. i have a thingy to attach to a pole that's supposed to make doing edges easier, so when i'm cutting in way up there i'll be less likely to suffer a severe injury from falling 16 feet! we'll see how good a job it does.

amberWIRE said...

You're such a paint a holic! I love it!

Time is, indeed flying by! We get our next ultrasound on Feb 3...I'll be 22 week, but I wanted to wait until Ryan could be there with me! Hope you're doing great!