Tuesday, May 15, 2007


This morning I was informed by Brett Thomas that an 8-month old girl went missing from the 2800 block of Taft Ave. That is the same street we live on - but it doesn't connect. There is a sort of "break" in the road at a point between here and there. That section is off of 28th street... but it still made me perk up and listen carefully, since it's not that far, and grab my phone in case I saw anything suspicious. A mother apparently had a bad migraine last night, and last saw her daughter playing in front of their apartment complex around 10:30 PM, with a mentally-disabled cousin. This morning, both were missing.

She said the cousin was barely capable of caring for himself... good thing HE was left in charge of her precious infant daughter.

I watched footage of a distraught mother being consoled by neighbors and family, and thought, what a nightmare! Since her daughter was missing, I was sympathetic and worried, hoping and praying that someone would find the baby, and even the cousin too.

Now I just learned the Amber Alert has been cancelled (everyone is safe and sound)... and my sympathy has all but vanished. How could she entrust her little baby girl with an individual who can't possibly know how to take care of her, outside of an apartment complex, at 10:30 PM, in a relatively unsafe part of town, etc. etc.? Migraine or no migraine, common sense should prevail.

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kelly said...

ack. that would freak me out, too! but i totally agree - that is some poor judgment on the part of the mother.