Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tulip Time

tulips at Centennial Park
Yesterday I spent the morning and early part of the afternoon in Holland with my mom and Lucy, checking out the tulips. We went to JP's for a drink since it was still a little chilly at 9:30 AM, and then went to Centennial Park. There were lots of cute children dressed in Dutch costumes, and many beautiful tulips.

Call Me!Of course, Lucy wasn't all that excited about a bunch of flowers. I was trying to get some nice photos but she seemed more interested in flirting with the cute Dutch boys she met at the park. She did all she could to stay awake almost the whole time we were there, but she fell asleep in the stroller eventually, if only for a short time. I am not complaining though, because she didn't cry once.

The rest of the week looks kind of touch-and-go with rain, so I'm glad we went yesterday. The weather was perfect and the tulips still looked good. It was nice to walk through Holland, Hope's campus, and the park.

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