Thursday, May 10, 2007

Rise and Shine!

Lucy must be waking up earlier because it's light out earlier. There's no other explanation - she went to sleep quite late last night (9:30) and was up at 5:15! UGH! I let her play in her crib and make noises until I finally got up at 6:15 and fed her an earlier breakfast. The thing is, when I went down to her room, I walked in and discovered her sitting in her crib, pacifier in mouth, smiling. She wasn't even propped up against the side (note: her getting up into a sitting position and staying that way hasn't happened before, since whenever I try to "make" her sit on the floor she fights me by stiffening her body and refusing to bend at the waist).

Seems like suddenly she's coming up with some new tricks. I tried to work with her on her crawling this morning and sometimes she decides to go on her hands and feet (as in the downward-facing dog), instead of hands and knees:

which results in either her dropping back down onto her knees, or if her arms give out, dropping onto her face. She's been practicing yoga like this for a couple of weeks, so this is nothing new. This morning, her arms unfortunately gave out in a rather dramatic fashion, which Ron was still home to witness. The poor girl started crying and had tears streaming and everything. No more crawling practice until later today! I carried her over to where she could see our dog Killian and she stopped immediately.

Also, Happy Birthday, Bono!

PS: That's not a photo of Lucy...

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kelly said...

to help her sleep longer: put a pillowcase over her head to block out the light, or put the lid just barely on the rubbermaid bin, you know slightly ajar so that air can get in... or close the blinds :P