Thursday, May 31, 2007

Top Ten List

Top Ten Things I Learned About Owning a Home

10. You love the house when you buy it, and then proceed to change everything.

9. You must have a place to put coats, besides the guest bedroom.

8. If you live with a guy, he will attempt to convert an old house into a 21st century technological hub, running wires and cables through walls that clearly don’t want them, but the digital music and wireless Internet is worth it.

7. If your basement has a drop-panel ceiling, leave it alone. You don’t know what’s hiding up there.

6. Kelly was right about the pool boy thing. It’s the only way to go. Hot tubs from here on out.

5. Before selecting a house, make sure there is a good spot for the Christmas tree.

4. Old with Character is better than New and Boring, but you'll be doing a lot more work.

3. Hardwood floors are nice if you have a dog, awful if you have a baby.

2. No matter how long you live there, about the time you get everything just how you like it, you’ll be preparing to move.

1. The previous owners were giving away a big part of their lives to a couple of young, clueless kids. A million stories, momentous events, and priceless memories happened in this home, and with the initialing of a document, it was passed on to someone who would wipe the slate clean and start creating their own. Bittersweet… and now I understand.


kelly said...

thanks for the shout out in number 6! when i read this list, it got me thinking that for a lot of things in life, it's the simple, mundane things that you don't think about that become super important (e.g., coat closet, spot for you Christmas tree). when i'm finally a homeowner someday (if that ever happens to this nomad), i'll keep this stuff in mind. in the meantime, we'll see what unexpected pitfalls are waiting in my future rental...

Mindy said...

hey i think you're going to like your new apt a lot. hopefully it'll be the last time you move for a while... and maybe after that you'll be looking to buy. even after living in so many places, although you were renting, you've probably learned a ton about what you like and don't like, which will apply to a home/condo or whatever you end up purchasing.

kelly said...

fo sho

Ron said...

I liked your one apartment near downtown that had a courtyard (I think), and an old style to it ... the subway tile in the bathroom.

I'm excited to see your next apartment. Hey ... are there any pics of it, even if it's not of the actual one? Floor plan?

Mindy ... I loved your list. It was very smart. Now I know why I married you. :P