Thursday, August 28, 2008

Before-And-After Photos

Nursery Before

The carpet was a dark-medium mauve with assorted stains all over. Walls were originally blue sponge-paint (I repainted the room right before we moved in, but I have no pictures of that), with about 3000 tack holes . Apparently teenage boys like their posters. The light switch and outlets were all replaced with white, and the trim, closet doors, and registers were painted white. Also, the light fixture was on the ceiling right in front of the closet. It was replaced with a more stylish one and moved to the middle of the ceiling. The room is a lot brighter now. The new carpet and removal of trees outside of the window also made a big difference.

Nursery After

The walls are re-repainted, and the new carpet is in! The little birds going around the border match those in the crib quilt hanging on the wall above the changing table. We will also hang letters (painted blue or pink?) that spell the baby's name... after we know what that's going to be! These photos don't show every inch of the room, but you get the idea! It is a much happier place for the baby to come home to!


kelly said...

very cute! kind of GIRLY, though.... :P

Trish said...

holy cow, it's amazing what carpet and paint does to a room!

Katie said...

That looks very inviting! I'm sure the baby will love it.