Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fireplace Tile

This afternoon during Lucy's nap, Ron and I applied the tile surround to the fireplace. There is also a wooden mantle that will be built around it, but this was a fairly big, and fairly messy job that we got out of the way. Putting tile on a vertical surface can be challenging. It took some planning, but we think it looks really cool! We were careful to protect the tile hearth (which we installed last fall) and our carpeting from the mortar. Tomorrow I will probably grout it, and next weekend Ron can continue working on the woodwork surrounding the fireplace... as if we didn't have enough projects going on! I'm not sure how long that will take to complete, but he swears it will be done before the baby arrives! We're going to be using the same tile as a kitchen backsplash sometime (but after today, we're not about to do another tile job anytime soon). You might call this "Extreme Nesting". Wait till you see the before and after on this one...

PS: Go Dathan! 9th Place!!!

I grouted the tiles - there are a couple little spots I will touch up when we do the kitchen backsplash, but for now it will do. This is what the tiles look like (they are 1 inch tiles, six-wide, going around the perimeter of the fireplace):

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Katie said...

That tile looks similar to the tile backsplash in our bathrooms. Love it!