Friday, August 15, 2008


This morning we had five trees removed, plus a couple large branches off some other trees... plus a couple stumps ground out (we didn't get them all done, we'll deal with them in time). The crew of five guys came around 7:45 AM and got right to work, and didn't appear to take many (if any) breaks until they were finished. They stacked the medium logs for us (we have plenty of firewood now), and chipped up and removed all of the brush. They raked everything clean, and used leaf blowers to clean the street, our driveway, etc. The only evidence that they were here are the big trunks laying on the ground. Many of the trees on our property were here before homes were built in this neighborhood, so they are extremely large. We love all the trees around the houses on our street, and even taking out the ones we did feels weird, but it really was necessary.

Here's Lucy, still in her pajamas with her bed-head. She was a little nervous with all the noise at first!The main trunks were sawed into 8'6" sections and we may try to sell them on Craigslist - since some people like the hardwoods to mill into lumber for projects. If they don't sell, we'll probably give them away because we definitely don't need any more wood. They are too heavy for us to move, but we requested that they leave them here, with hopes of making a little bit of cash. The company we had do this gave us an outstanding deal, and they went above and beyond with the "extras" and cleanup, as well as their speed and general friendliness. They already have another customer in someone across the street! E-mail or leave a comment if you're interested.

The property looks so different after having trees taken out. There are still several large trees all over our property, but removing the ones we did was necessary, since branches were laying on the roof, and rubbing the side of the house. I'll be planting a couple new trees this fall - smaller ones, and not as close (maybe a dogwood, or flowering crab... or something that won't grow to be too huge). We're shooting for the end of this month for getting our new roof on!

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