Friday, August 01, 2008


Ron had the day off, so this morning after breakfast we went to Reenders Blueberry Farm (just south of Grand Haven on US-31) to pick blueberries. I've wanted to go and do this for a couple years, but last year we were too busy getting ready to move. We got there around 9:30 and it was already starting to get hot! There are 650 acres of blueberries there. Every bush is loaded down with so many blueberries, it was hard not to knock some onto the ground while picking them. We left with almost one bucket-full, which ended up being 5.6 pounds (for less than $8.00)!
Lucy was fairly helpful at picking them and dropping them into the bucket, but she quickly realized it was a lot more fun just to eat them right off the bush! As we were both blueberry "rookies", I also learned a few things for next time:
  1. Go when it's not blistering hot.
  2. Bring baby (or other wet) wipes because some individuals in your party may eat dirty blueberries off the ground and end up with muddy fingers and face.
  3. Wear shoes you can hose off.
  4. In general, local farm-grown produce is a lot cheaper than what you can get at the grocery store, and probably fresher too!
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