Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Trees, New Carpet

Ron is currently planting our two new trees - a flowering crabapple, and a flowering plum tree. Both are quite tall, good sized trees. We bought them from Roark's on Chicago Drive, and they have great deals right now. They are "filling" in some of the space where we had trees removed, but both are kinds that will not get too huge, and they are not being planted as close to the house (we took out 5 large trees, and we're planting 2 smaller trees). Now is the time, from what I understand, to plant trees (any time in the late summer or fall).

Also, the new carpet is in the nursery! I was so grossed out when Ron was ripping out the old, filthy, stained stuff last night. It feels so much better in there, and I know it is clean. It also makes the room a lot brighter. I have to add a little decor, but then I will take a photo and post the before-and-after. It's amazing that it's the same room (although it's not quite the same as seeing it in person, especially if you were ever in there before we redid it!).

I had my 34 week appointment today, and everything is fine (same old same old!). I go again in two weeks, then every week after that. Crazy! At this point the baby would be almost full-length (20 inches give or take) and around 5 lbs. It's head is down and it's still fairly active... and over the past few weeks I've actually noticed a pattern to the times it is most active. At exactly 11 PM every night it starts moving around a lot (more than any other time of the day or night). Maybe after it's born that will be the time he or she is most awake! Great... ;)

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