Monday, November 12, 2007


The area we want carpeted was measured today and we placed our order! I made the down payment and it will probably be installed at the beginning of next week (Tuesday) - which is unbelievably exciting. No more stained nasty carpet that grosses me out when I watch Lucy playing on the floor (despite the fact that Stanley Steemer cleaned it thoroughly, just couldn't get stains out). We have our work cut out for us now - getting the rest of the flooring in, plus the tile hearth in front of the fireplace, before next week! The new floors were the last "big ticket" item for the interior and it is going to be quite a dramatic difference from the last time my sister and her boyfriend visited, when they come up for Thanksgiving. And to think we haven't even been here 2 months.

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amberWIRE said...

you guys are inspiring, with all of your fixy-uppingness. Amazing!