Friday, November 16, 2007

No More Plywood

Last night Ron and I got through the "galley" section of our kitchen (the area between the island and the bank of cabinets with the sink). It doesn't look like a huge area, but it took a little extra time figuring out how to get the flooring under the oven (disconnecting the gas line is a big pain - not because Ron can't do it, but because due to the awesome design of our old school stoven it requires partial disassembly and it's just not worth it for a space that no one is ever going to lay eyes on). We adjusted the back feet (via Ron hanging upside-down behind the stove) and that made it level with the several inches of flooring we could slide under the front. I know it sounds confusing and I don't know why I even went into as much detail as I did... I just wanted to illustrate why a relatively small area of the house took so long to get done.

Anyway, it looks awesome and it's so weird not to be walking on plywood subfloor. The dining area carpet still needs to be torn out, and we will do that section of flooring tonight. Walking on plywood for so long has become just "the way it is" around here, with little shards of wood stuck to your socks at all times.

In other suburban life news, today Lucy was in the kitchen (where it is now finally SAFE for her to be) and discovered how to play with her alphabet fridge magnets. Her spelling skills are still a little rough but she understands the concept of putting them on the fridge... She is currently also fairly interested in making out with the glass door (we have this French door that we'd someday like to replace with a slider). The glass gets cleaned occasionally, but sometimes it's hard not to ask myself, "what's the point?" It's just going to end up with tongue smears and hand prints 10 seconds after I get it sparkling clean... She presses her face against, mouth open, and proceeds to lick the glass. I've been saying "no-no" and she just smiles at me, and walks around the living room shaking her head from side to side. I'm still amazed this kid has never once been sick. She must be part Schrute.


Ron said...

Ha! Part Schrute. That's hilarious honey! I love it!

kelly said...

congrats! it sounds like you're really making good progress with the floors. we'll see you on Wednesday, but not sure what time yet. :)