Saturday, November 24, 2007

Gobble Gobble Gobble

This weekend we celebrated Thanksgiving... according to the Wikipedia, Thanksgiving is a traditional North American holiday to give thanks for the things that one has at the conclusion of the harvest season.

In my family we eat, drink, and play Bingo. Of course.

This has been a long standing tradition that we carry out every single year in my grandparents' basement. We all get plenty of prizes, including "white elephant" gifts, and of course gum and pencils... upon getting a Bingo you must call out "Bingo!" above the dull roar already going on, and sit patiently with your arm raised until a hastily-wrapped tchotchky is delivered to you. You might get a candle, you might get an apple. You might get a bobble-head baseball player. It doesn't matter. All the while someone will probably be shooting Bingo chips like Tiddlywinks at your coffee cup. This year a glass candle votive spontaneously exploded. We're not sure if that glass was supposed to hold a candle or not, but it sent a shard up Ron's sleeve. Never a dull moment.

The following evening we celebrated with Ron's family at his sister's home in Portage. Equally chaotic but in their case, it's the little kids running around who drive up the energy level in the house. There are 8 grandkids. The oldest is seven years old, and the youngest is about 7 months old. With all of them running around (except for the baby), it's hard not to spill your wine. But as usual there was plenty of good food, and everyone was in great spirits. The only people to end up in tears were a couple of the little ones when the evening was winding down and someone wanted another cookie and wasn't allowed.

Oh - and we put our Christmas tree up yesterday... the day AFTER Thanksgiving. I was going to do it earlier in the week, but we ended up taking longer than we thought we would preparing for Kelly and Heath's visit, getting the bathroom all painted and cleaned up, and making sure we set aside a little time to relax after all the hard work we had done on the house.

Now we have Christmas to look forward to, which we are hosting here! We must be crazy...

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