Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I Got The Boot

Yesterday I went to a foot and ankle specialist and was outfitted with a walking boot. It's black and has a lot of big Velcro straps and looks kind of like a ski boot... and although I am still using one or two crutches most of the time, I can put some weight on my foot and hobble around a little bit. The doctor looked at my x-rays and saw three minor fractures and ligament damage. I was just glad that I didn't need a cast, which would make things pretty much impossible for me. So today Ron is taking off work so he can help with Lucy, and we will be able to get some errands done. He even vacuumed this morning!

Saturday we went to our friend's wedding and had a great time, and stayed until the end of the reception! Not what we were initially planning, but it seems like whenever we get a chance to "get away" we like to make the most of it - so that's what we did. Sunday we went to church and my parents met us there with Lucy. We were at the early service, so there was nursery to take her to, so we all did our best to keep her fairly quiet and content through the service.

Yesterday my mom came over and spent the day helping me with Lucy, chauffeuring me around, etc. and she will do the same tomorrow (I have to take Lucy to the pediatrician for flu shot #2). I'm hoping by later in the week I will be able to do everything on my own and not need anyone taking off work to help me.


Heath said...

Wow, he vacuums too? What a guy. Glad to hear you are getting around. Just don't get antsy and put too much weight on it too soon. I screwed up my ankle about 4 years ago and didn't rehab it right and it hasn't been the same since.

kelly said...

well, glad to hear you'll be fairly mobile. i sent you an email the other day, but i just got a delay notification on it, which would explain why you haven't replied! i just wanted to say that i really am a much more considerate sister than you might think because i have, in fact, attempted to contact you regarding this most recent acrobatic stunt. :)

Mindy said...

oh thanks! the hostgroup for denningsworld is doing maintenance and we haven't had e-mail in days! i appreciate the thoughts anyway!

Rob, Leticia, Madisyn & Landon said...

I'm so sorry! And I thought a sprained ankle was bad. Now I feel bad for whining! I sure hope that it heals very soon!