Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Last night we picked up the wood laminate flooring that will be in our entry, kitchen, dining area, mudroom, and bathroom. We borrowed my dad's truck because 21 boxes of flooring not only takes up a ton of room, it is extremely heavy. We're hoping to begin installation later this week. We were pleased to find that the flooring was on sale - and we saved hundreds of dollars!

The tone of the wood is medium - like our cabinets. I think it will look really nice, although there isn't a ton of contrast in the color (between cabinets and flooring). Typically people will have either light cabinets with dark floors, or vice-versa. Having them be similar wasn't my initial plan, but now that I see it, I think I like how it streamlines everything, but still feels warm.


Ron said...

I'm glad that you're liking the color more now! I agree with you, it will look streamlined ... very slick.

kelly said...

looking forward to seeing it in place when we are in town for Thanksgiving!