Monday, November 12, 2007

A Start

Yesterday we were pretty busy - Ron did some drywall mudding, mowed up all the leaves in the yard, and we started prepping the floor for the wood laminate (of course we're just about a day behind schedule, but that's to be expected. Nothing ever goes perfectly smoothly). It was strange to clear out everything from the area where the flooring is going to go, as it made the room appear so much bigger. Carpet and pad was removed, and I couldn't believe the pile of actual dirt I swept up from underneath, along with staples, nails, etc. Ron put down some of the underlying padding for the new flooring, and several planks went in. What's in looks awesome, and we can't wait to start covering a large area. It wasn't going as smoothly as we hoped it would, but I think it will speed up this afternoon when work resumes, as he and I learned more exactly how to go about putting them in - although he was really doing the work until after Lucy went to bed. I'm not much help when I'm busy with the daily household tasks and taking care of her.

We also found the carpet that we will most likely order today or tomorrow, and we're hoping to have it installed at the beginning of next week. I have to call the place and find out if that's possible. I'd like to have all the new flooring in by Thanksgiving.

By the way, does anyone know where we can bring our old carpet? I can't imagine EverKept will take it if we put it out on the curb... but we have to get rid of it somehow!


Katie said...

With out old carpet, we put sections of it in the trash and next to the trash (we have Everkept too and they will usually take some stuff outside the trash can too) until it was gone. We had a pile in our garage for a while but it was eventually gone. Otherwise, I think my sister-in-law said there are places you can call to pick up your junk - she paid about $90 to get rid of all of their old carpet.

Mindy said...

thanks - we might end up getting rid of at least SOME of our carpet this week by having EverKept take it. The owner of the place we're getting carpet from said we can put our old stuff in the dumpsters behind his store) and not have to pay anything! I just found this out yesterday when he came by to take measurements!