Tuesday, June 12, 2007

After All These Sunburns... er... Years

I spent most of the day with Lucy in Grand Haven, visiting my mom, and some of her friends who also stay out there in there RV's, lounge around on the beach, wander up and down the boardwalk, etc. Of course I kept Lucy protected with sunblock and a hat, and as much shade as possible. I returned home with her in perfect condition. I can't say the same for myself however, since I neglected to put sunblock on my legs, and paid dearly. I thought (the same stupid thought I always have my first time to the beach), "I could use a little color". Now I have a distinct line where my shorts ended and my bare legs began. I tried to make up the difference with some sunless tanner. We'll see how that turns out... but I'm not getting my hopes up. No matter what I do, I'm going to look like I have hot pink thigh-high hosiery on for the next few days.

Being at the park, and going for a walk down the boardwalk, always brings back memories of the summers we would "camp" out there. We spent the days with our friends eating Pronto Pups, ice-cream, Hawaiian ice, various other junk food, and then burning it off by riding bikes, rollerblading, playing in the lake, harassing the rangers, having water balloon fights... Kelly always ended up with some kind of high-quality major purchase like a Swatch watch or a Stüssy hat (does that say 90's or what!?), while most of my allowance went toward the afformentioned junk food. I have no regrets.

The kids are grown up, and now just the moms continue to stay each summer at this beach front parking-lot community. Some head out to visit for a day here and there, like I did today... but I can't say I enjoy it the same way I used to. Now when I go, more than anything I enjoy the trip down memory lane. I can recall specific events from specific spots along the way... literally, like, right here is where I wiped out on my bike and skinned my knee (I still have a scar) and walked all the way back to the campground alone... because (I was possibly being a baby but) no one cared. And there is where I stood and watched the Northern Lights one night, and there's where we buried a time capsule by a small cottonwood tree...

In lieu of photos from today (since I didn't get any good ones) I am including a sampling from the past. Some awkward tween years, perhaps, but classic, fun times.


kelly said...

wow. did i have a mop or what? gotta love the totally 90's rollerblading pic of me and curt! now there's proof on the internet that not only did i wear a fanny pack, but it was ACID WASHED! ack!

Mindy said...

and ready-to-go with chapstick on a necklace :)

it's painful, but in a way it's kind of cute. i mean, at least you were in style.

and the high-waisted... thanks MOM!

Ron said...

You won't hear any teasing from me. You were both still cooler than I was.