Thursday, June 28, 2007

"Date" Night!

Last night my mom watched Lucy overnight so that we (I) could have a break, go out after Ron's softball game, etc... How'd our night off go? Here's a synopsis:

First of all - why am I so sad as I back down the driveway at my parents' house - my mom is holding Lucy and she is looking directly at me, with a confused and somewhat angry expression. I watch her getting smaller in my windshield and miss her as soon as I hit the road. Ugh! I just want to have fun... so I put that pissed off little face aside and quickly remembered that she'll have fun with Grandma and Grandpa, and I'll see her tomorrow.

Ron's team played the Team That Shouldn't Be In Their Division - a team that can hit a ball to make it purposely land in a dixie cup sitting in the outfield. All the pro gear... Checkered Flag Automotive 3, Other Team 17 (mercied in 5 innings). No, really... what was that team's name? Can't remember, but they're going to win the whole tournament. Last time they beat CFA 28-2, so the boys did a little better this time around. Yay.

Afterward we brought Ron's mom home. She had been dropped off by a friend. Also in attendance: Tom, Renee, Jacob, Hannah, and Emily! So the Ronnie fanclub was in full force. Including Renee shouting to "Ronnie" in a mock-English accent. I could tell he was trying to ignore his family. He said he has spent 3 years convincing his teammates he is normal... and they're all going to undo his efforts in one evening!

Then we went to Buffalo Wild Wings with Dave, Keith, Ryan, and Andrea. I had a Boston Lager and Chips & Salsa. When we left we stopped and talked with Keith in the parking lot, and as I was talking about a fireplace we saw (nevermind) he interrupted me MID-SENTENCE with "Why did you cut your hair?!" Whaa! I like my hair! You don't like it? ... No, it's just different, you've always had long hair ... I know, I wanted a change! ... No, no, it looks good, I'm just not used to it ...

Good old Keith, so much to learn about women still! You ALWAYS say you like a girl's hair, even if you don't! Ha ha ha. I do like my hair, and I think it makes my face look better. I've had long hair since I was 3 and I was sick of it. It's chin-length, by the way, I just can't quite put it in a ponytail (which was the point...). Anyway, so all in all it was a good evening, lots of laughs, and I got to sleep in till 8:30!

photo of my hair, per Kelly's request


kelly said...

send pic of hair asap!

kelly said...

looks pretty cute!