Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Girl Who Cried Teeth

It seems like Lucy's teeth have been about to break through the surface for a few months now... "they look so close!", and at times she would have little flare-ups that led us to think that her teeth would appear any day. Days, weeks, months go by... and she's still gumming her Graduates.

Over the last 2 days she has spent most of her waking moments crying - except when we are in a strange new place, or we find some way to distract her with something interesting. She stops for a couple minutes, and then realizes that she's supposed to be upset, and resumes. This really isn't like her, so our first theory is that her teeth - at least a couple of them - will break through soon... but I'll believe it when it happens. I've heard this story before....

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Katie said...

We are in the same boat. Every few weeks since Ella was about four months old, she will have a fussy couple of days and a runny nose and hold her mouth funny, and so we are sure teeth are coming...and then nothing. Hang in there!