Thursday, June 14, 2007


No, I'm not talking about discipline... we're just baaaaarely starting to introduce light forms of that in our home. I'm talking about the kind of time-out you have to take when things are getting crazy and you need to hit a mental "reset" button.

In the midst of fixing a broken section of our countertop, and Ricky stopping by numerous times (and consuming equally numerous Flav-or-Ice sticks), the excessive heat, and more phone calls that we usually get in an entire week, we decided to stop and take Lucy outside to play. We sat and watched her climb on our laps, pull grass out of the ground, and gently crinkle up dried leaves, and it was just so calming and simple. I made a blade of grass into a whistle between my thumbs, and she was totally amazed! It's been a while since I even tried that...

For some reason that time outside this afternoon keeps replaying in my brain. Hopefully it will be a reminder of what's important.

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kelly said...

good for you mindy. i could sense that you were stressed and not yourself. try to focus on the important stuff, take some deep breaths and smile. :) the other stuff will work itself out!