Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Drastic Move

We took the television out of the living room!

As Ron was doing some work behind the TV (patching a hole) he apparently freaked out and lost his mind with all the cords, and the dust, and general mess in that corner of the room - the sagging IKEA TV stand, the monolithic TV that sat upon it... so we decided to try life without Everybody Loves Raymond reruns.

Amazing thing: we actually had an enjoyable evening, listening to music and talking... I felt almost zero stress (which seems to add up for me at night). We set up my Bose stereo on a small table, so we can still listen to our stored music from the computer (through the AudioTron), and the sound quality is, of course, much better since we're using the Bose, and not my old-school Sony tower speakers. Why didn't we do this earlier?

It was funny, instead of staring at the TV, I caught us both staring at the stereo. Old habits die hard.

Lucy will have to do without Sesame Street for the time being, at least until we move. I'm having a harder time without Today, but I have enjoyed listening to more music, and the increased spaciousness of the living room... so it's a manageable trade-off.

We aren't completely in the Stone Age - we have a smaller (in my opinion, "normal" sized) TV upstairs, so there are occasions where we'll be able to see what's going on in the world, or at least watch old episodes of The Wonder Years.

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kelly said...

wow, good for you. sorry that you are missing out on your "news," but it will probably help your resale. Less clutter, room feels bigger, etc.