Thursday, October 09, 2008


Our basement is finished, nothing fancy, but it has potential to be quite a nice rec/family room someday... maybe we'll get around to redecorating it, but for now it's kind of a mix of Ikea stuff and Craigslist / Bargain corner stuff, our big old TV, and our poker table/chairs. When we moved in things just sort of got placed down here and now it's out of control!

I spent just a few minutes clearing some shelves and getting ruthless with random things, like a plastic box with potpourri in it. Great for toddlers and babies, I know. Trash. Random "decorative" whiskey jugs and fake grasses. Andirons. Well, the andirons I like, but for now we just can't have them out. I have a CD tower that I am going to have to make a decision about. It's tall and has a high center of gravity. Anyway, that is just the tip of the iceburg.

The plan is to convert the basement into a place where kids and their toys are welcome, and we don't have to constantly tell our child(ren) "no" when they approach something sharp, metal, fragile, and/or heavy. Where walkers, tricycles, and singing lawn mowers can roam free. By this weekend, some of Lucy's larger toys will come down here, and she will be allowed to play in this whole new special space (Henry can do his thing down here too, although that may be limited to tummy time or sitting in a bouncer). This is also where our computer is located, and may be dangerously conducive to me Blogging / Facebooking. Back to work!


Dykema's said...

We have an unfinished basement (well, except for the extra bedroom) and the kids LOVE to play down there! Plus it keeps our upstairs from being less cluttered (something I greatly appreciate). Anyway... I think I found your house today! I was driving home from dropping the kids off and I thought, wait... this is where Ron and Mindy were explaining. I drove in and went to the next road on the left, and I think the one on the left corner was yours! Was I right?! If so, I love it! Especially the stone in the front!

Hope you don't think I'm a stalker :) Feel free to find our house (or heck, we should really just have you over!).

Dykema's said...

In the above post... you can remove the "from being," although I'm sure you got my point ;)

Mindy said...

LOL. Thanks Tiece! No I don't think you're a stalker. But it sounds like you found our house! Are we as close as you thought? We obviously have some ongoing projects.... It sounds like the siding is happening early to mid-November now. Still, it'll be SO great when that's done! We would LOVE to have you guys over or go to your place. Ron is switching to every other weekend after this Saturday and we'll have a little more free time. This sure was a long comment on my OWN blog!