Friday, October 03, 2008

I Want Cake!

This weekend is my five-year reunion for Hope College... class of 2003. Although we have a newborn, I am hoping to make it to New Holland Brewing Co. on Saturday night, and possibly seeing some old friends.

Meanwhile, both kids are napping, I managed to upload some new photos, and in a short while Ron should be home! It's hard when he leaves so early in the morning, but it is nice that he's usually home before 4:00. So, here's a non-Henry related tidbit about life at the Denning house lately:

Lately Lucy has taken up whining, and she's a master at it, and she's loud! It drives me crazy. I guess this is the deal with a two year old. Yesterday she had to sit in the naughty spot for TWO minutes (her sentence has increased from 1 since as of Wednesday), at least three separate times. She sits there (which is awesome) but cries almost the whole time. We warn her about whatever she is doing wrong, and if she goes and does it again, all I have to do is guide her by placing my hand on her back and tell her to go to the naughty spot (at the end of the hallway with the doors closed - thanks Trish for the location idea)! She plops down on the floor and I watch the clock. When she gets up she says "sorry" and gets an explanation of why she was punished. Yesterday the offense was constantly getting into drawers and cabinets in the kitchen (and the fridge!) and asking for cake! It was the getting into / slamming drawers and cabinets that was really the bad behavior. "I want cake!" she kept saying, which was just funny... until it became extremely whiny. We never talked about cake, we have no cake (we haven't even had her birthday cake yet, because we're doing that on Sunday). I think she just came up with this idea on her own, and expects that if she wants cake, cake shall be produced. Now. Cake does sound good though, doesn't it?

So, we're having a lot of success with warning her before she acts, telling her she'll have to sit in the naughty spot if she does such-and-such. I end up sounding like a broken record, but she's learning the deal.

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