Monday, October 13, 2008

Workin' Out

For the past couple of days Henry has been on-and-off cranky. For his first week he was sleepy and calm all the time, but not anymore. He can be calm occasionally. And of course when he's asleep he's an absolute angel! But lately he's been a bit fussy. He really likes being held, which I do enjoy. It makes it hard sometimes to take care of Lucy, or bust her naughty moments when I am tied up with Henry, but I've been able to juggle it as well as can be expected. I even manage to shower daily! Well, I guess I am placing trust in Lucy not to burn the house down while I am in there... she watches cartoons for a bit and I don't take that long.

Anyway, when Henry is awake, and not crying, I take advantage of the opportunity to give him some "tummy-time". He seems to already have strong neck muscles and can pick his head up and turn it from one side to the other. That's about his only trick for now. When he is awake and not crying, his eyes are much more open, and he can look around. It seems like he is focusing better on people and objects, especially lights on the ceiling. He is less curled up now, so suddenly he seems much bigger! Maybe he is bigger... with how much he eats! He has an appointment on Wednesday and we'll see how much he has grown.

I also had my first lesson in careless diaper changing. I hadn't experienced any baby boy accidents yet (you know what I mean), so I got a little lazy and left him uncovered for a moment... whoops. So that sleep-n-play lasted about 2 minutes!

He is napping now but his big sister is not... grrrrr...

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Katie said...

He looks so much older already!