Friday, October 17, 2008

Post Farms

Yesterday afternoon Ron and I brought the kids to Post Farms. We got there around 4 PM so we beat a lot of the crowd. The first thing we did was have Lucy ride the Pumpkin Train (of Terror). She got strapped into a barrel and waited excitedly for the ride to begin. Once the tractor started up and the barrels started winding around in figure-8's and circles, she was no longer loving it... She never actually cried, but she held on for dear life and looked at us with a pouty lip. We waved and smiled every time she came around to play up the fun she was supposed to be having. Did that help? You be the judge:
Before they started ("this is cool!"):During the ride ("Why are Mom and Dad smiling at me? This is not fun!"):
After the Pumpkin Train, we walked over to the hayride. This was really what we came for - on the way there she kept saying "hayride, yaaay" and now that we had her all freaked out from the Pumpkin Train, she was sure to love the giant loud tractor and sitting in a pile of straw with a bunch of strangers... right? At first she was nervous again but quickly warmed up to it when we pointed out the pumpkins and cheered "wheee!" when we went over bumps and mud puddles. Before long she was laughing and throwing straw on my legs. Henry never woke up the entire time we were there!We were taken to the pumpkin patch where Lucy tripped on vines and tried to pick up pumpkins which weigh about as much as she does. She had fun though, wandering around and getting a little dirty. She found an old dried up corn cob and tried to eat it as I shouted "icky!" Life is so confusing and full of contradictions, isn't it Lucy?The hayride trailer returned a little while later to take us back to the barn, and that is when we got donuts and cider. We plowed through half a dozen in only a few minutes (they're very small donuts!). After eating (we were thinkin'!) we took her over to see the goats and miniature horses. She still wasn't too interested in petting them. She also saw a kitten which interested her much more than farm animals do, and since the crowds were starting to pick up, we decided to head home. I regret not taking any photos of Henry while there, but he wasn't really that excited about what was going on, and it was just easier to keep him bundled up in the carrier, since it was a little chilly for him (but perfect weather for a fall outing like this!). We hope to go back maybe once more this fall, if we get another nice day.

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