Sunday, October 05, 2008

Lucy: 2 Year Photos

Yesterday I made an effort of getting some really nice photos of Lucy for her "2 Year Old" photos. Henry came along in the carrier and slept under a blanket, avoiding the mosquitoes. I decided to take them myself because a) it's cheaper, and b) I will take many many more of her than the ladies at Wal-Mart would, and therefore have higher odds of getting some really good ones. I have quite a few that I LOVE and that I think capture her personality, which is really what we hope to do with photos - as opposed to forced smiles and stiff poses. I have to thank my mom for helping wrangle her at Johnson park (on the side by the river), and I also got a workout trying to move around. Last year I went there with her and she was just barely walking... a lot less cardio involved for me!

I'm currently posting some to her new gallery on Smugmug but there might be more later... and here are a couple of my favorites:

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