Friday, October 24, 2008

We Tried

This afternoon we went to Hager Park in Jenison for some wandering around and picture-taking. The main goal was what you see above. This is a decent family photo, considering it involved pressing the 10 second shutter timer, running back and getting posed, trying to dupe Lucy into looking toward the camera (or at the very least, not running off in a blur)... she can be looking at anything as long as she looks happy-ish. Anyway, it's obvious (with a 2 year old, that is) when the photo session is over. By the time Lucy was no longer having any fun with this, we had taken a handful of photos with hopes of at least a couple turning out. As we hoped... about a couple turned out. Better than nothing! I have others, and color versions, etc. I imagine it would be much easier to take photos of someone else's family... being able to take more (no timer) and watch for the right moment - even a candid one where not everyone is looking at the camera. It was a nice day that didn't require hats and mittens, so I figured we'd make our best attempt while we still could! Snow in the forecast for Monday!

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