Monday, October 06, 2008

Late Little Party

We celebrated Lucy's birthday last night with only our parents at our house. We wanted to keep it small and simple since it was going to be too hectic to plan anything really big this year. Lucy really "got it" this year about the whole birthday thing, and was banging on the front (storm) door as her grandparents arrived, and then she'd run around at top speed. We didn't waste too much time before letting her open her presents, and then a little while later we had carrot cake cupcakes and ice cream. She sat in awe as we sang "Happy Birthday" and then she blew out her two little candles without any help. Her blowing is more like a forceful "Fffffff!" but it worked!

After our parents left, Lucy was happy to get in the tub and play with her new crayons (for writing on the walls of the shower and tub... one of her presents from us). Then we sent her to bed, but of course all the excitement had her too jazzed up to sleep. She got up over and over until 9:45, and when she was in bed, she was singing "Happy Birthday To Youuuuuuu!" at the top of her lungs - she just repeats that line over and over. She was still singing it this morning when she was playing with her new kitchen set! I have a gallery with more photos HERE.


Dykema's said...

I am SO glad that you came the other night! I am still in awe of how amazing you looked! You should have at least a dozen kids if you can recover that quickly :) By the way, great job on the 2 year pics!

Random... I'm wearing my 'DiscHover Ultimate' shirt right now!

Mindy said...

Thank you! That's funny about the shirt. I still have mine too!