Thursday, May 01, 2008


I'm a little slow - those are Hotwheels, not Matchbox. I'm not even sure of the difference, but I think there is one. Anyway, apparently I was sheltered from such things as a child (we spent more of our time throwing naked Barbie dolls down the stairs with "loom-looper" bungee cords). Anyway, I just wanted to fix my mistake on the previous post :)


Katie said...

Just a difference in brands! I spend a good portion of my time looking at the bottoms of toy cars as Dylan asks, "Is this a Hotwheel or a Matchbox?"

Mindy said...

Yeah I noticed that Hotwheels are metal on the underside = better quality? Upon further inspection I found there are some Matchbox cars in the mix (as well as some random "off-brand"-ers). I wonder how much lead is involved in the cars from Ron's childhood... they seem *much* heavier than the new one from my grandma.