Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day / Ron's 30th

This past weekend seemed very busy - now that it's back to life as usual I almost feel like the week will be a time to recover from the past couple days.

Sunday Lucy did better than ever at church nursery - thank goodness! I can't wait until the day she actually looks forward to it and can't wait to get away from us and go play! I don't get too heartbroken when she starts crying... but I feel bad for subjecting others to her meltdown every week. I know she's not the only one though, and the volunteers don't mind at all. I just wish she'd be her normal happy self! We're getting there though. The next baby will be put in nursery much earlier than Lucy was!

Food news: Lucy has been eating apples for quite a while by herself, so why not try corn-on-the-cob? My mom picked some up for Sunday dinner and Lucy ate just about the whole thing... only stopping because she had already had so much food and the corn was taken away (although she continued asking for "cone" after it was hidden under a napkin on my dad's plate). Later we went to the Ice Cream Garage in Standale, as if any one of us needed more to eat! Lucy also did quite well holding her own baby cone there. Her fork skills are very good too; closer and closer to us not having to feed her at all!This weekend we also celebrated Ron's 30th birthday! Wow - he's getting up there! It happened to fall on Memorial Day this year, and we went to his parents' house in the morning for brunch, and then after Lucy's nap we went to our friends' house to barbecue (with a few other people). We were glad the weather stayed nice - it was almost too hot for a while! I left without my camera battery for that get-together, so I missed my chance to take photos of Lucy and Lauren playing outside. My friend Lisa (Lauren's mom) is due with another girl in about 6 weeks, so we enjoyed a couple black cherry IBCs. We stayed till Lucy's bedtime. It was a long day!

I am putting my photos up here. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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