Thursday, May 29, 2008


Lucy's new room is all painted (except for a couple minor touch-ups)... and just needs to be decorated now. I know we're ahead of the game on getting this ready, but I was really tired of the OLD look:
This is Lucy at one year + one day old in her "playroom"... I usually like green a lot, and the green paint doesn't look terrible in the photo... but in person, believe me it is the wrong shade! The wood trim was nice - probably when it was first installed - but over time has been gouged up and slopped with various paint colors through the years. I have to point out too, the still-unpacked boxes in there from when we first moved in (probably kitchen stuff that I couldn't use yet because our kitchen was a war zone) and a bunch of new toys from Lucy's birthday scattered all over. She loved her playroom...

Therefore, I primed and painted the trim (which was all caulked to eliminate the gaps between it and the walls), doors, and window (the window took forever!), and registers all white. It now looks nice and clean and bright. Of course the walls are repainted like I had described in an earlier post and I think it looks really cool now. New blinds were installed (the old ones had a broken string and wouldn't open evenly and were dirty, etc.). Unfortunately we are not able to replace the carpet yet (the picture doesn't do it justice but it has a few random stains). Beige outlets and switches/dented brass cover plates were replaced with all white, a new door stop was installed to prevent the doorknob from slamming into the wall, and brass doorknobs on the closet and room doors were replaced with brushed nickel. Over time we will hopefully replace all the doorknobs in the house with brushed nickel...

The past few nights have been devoted to making this room look completely different from how it was and I think we have been successful! Lucy already likes to climb onto her toddler bed and lay down, and she still likes to play in there a lot. We're working on getting her stuff organized in there. She still needs a little white dresser, too.

I have to make her bedding and window valence (which I have tons of time to do) and hang up some various decor, maybe a wall shelf, etc. I'll post an "after" photo shortly... :)

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aletha jo said...

I'm dying to see the after shot, Mindy!! Sounds super cute.