Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We Were Just in the Neighborhood...

Last night we had dinner at Ron's mom and dad's place, and afterward we drove down our old street (Taft Ave. in Wyoming) to check out our former home - see if the tulips are still there, etc. Sure enough - everything looks exactly the same on the outside. The new owners already have the pool cover off (!)... which seems a bit early to me, but I remember the first year we lived there, taking off the pool cover way too early too. I hope they are able to keep up on it and enjoy it, because it's a lot of work!

We saw one of our neighbors out mowing his front yard, so we stopped to say hi. After talking for a bit, we decided to get out of the car and see his wife and daughter, plus his new baby daughter who we had never met before (she is 6 months old now!), who were all in the backyard. It was nice to talk with them and see the kids, and Lucy enjoyed playing on their new play set and wandering around their back yard. At first she was a little nervous about an unfamiliar place, but she warmed up (it seems like she is able to do that more quickly these days).

I'm glad we stopped by because it's all too easy to lose touch with neighbors when you move away. I actually believe we will try to keep up our friendship and hopefully have them over to our place this summer.

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