Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day / Birthday (27!)

It's been a while since I've posted because I've been away! Ron and I visited Kelly and Heath in Evanston and had a nice time hanging out - Kelly and I went to a cute boutique with jewelry, purses, clothing, home decor, and a lot of really beautiful and unique things to paw through. I ended up with a necklace (a silver chain with the curl of a conch shell for a pendant) and a fun little purse with octopuses all over it... a birthday gift from Kelly (and something I would never buy for myself, but it made me happy and I love it - and I have a lot of orange, and pink clothing so yes it IS practical!).

On Sunday we opted out of the Cubs game we were planning on attending, since it was raining, windy, and very cold. Instead we browsed through World Market, Urban Outfitters, and saw Baby Mama which was really cute and funny. A much better way to spend time than sitting in bleachers freezing and miserable - although we all wished the weather would have cooperated because Ron has never been to Wrigley and it's such a nice park with so much history and character.

We drove home and picked up Lucy from my parents' house, she was all ready for bed (thanks, Mom), and looked a bit older to me than she did a day and a half earlier. The drive home from Chicago wasn't my favorite part of Mother's Day but it was a very nice weekend overall.
Today Ron took a personal day from work to spend my birthday with me, and he made us breakfast and we hung out at home (not doing much of anything) - but in the afternoon we walked down the Buck Creek trail (and of course I took photos) near Wedgwood Park and went home and had some banana cream pie, followed by root beer floats... it's been forever since I've had one of those! He also got me a potted geranium and we rented Charlie Wilson's War, which we are going to watch now!

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Heath said...

Glad you guys had fun. We enjoyed having you! Too bad the weather didn't cooperate. Maybe later this summer we can try and get to a game? Happy belated birthday!