Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Ron found on Craigslist a never-used (really) Simmons crib mattress (also works for toddler beds) for $40! We had originally thought of getting a twin bed for Lucy but for now, since her room isn't huge and she tends to move around in bed a LOT, she's going to move up to a toddler bed with partial sides, it's white and looks like this: The cheapest Simmons mattress at Babies-R-Us is $150 (probably more than we would've spent anyway), so I think this is a nice mattress for what it cost! And thank you to Ron who drove all the way to Ada and back to pick it up this afternoon while I was fabric shopping for Lucy's bedding which I'm going to make. Anyway, it's been a while since we've shopped on Craigslist, and I've forgotten how fun it can be.


Katie said...

Exciting find! Where did you get Lucy's toddler bed from? That's a really cute one. I'm thinking Ella might be a good candidate for one. Dylan slept in his crib until he was 2 1/2 so he went straight to a big boy bed, but I think Ella will be ready for a change sooner.

Mindy said...

Walmart. They did free "ship to store" and it was under $60, but got great reviews on quality and sturdiness.

Rob, Leticia, Madisyn & Landon said...

WOW! That is amazing!!! It's adorable and I would have certainly invested it one if I would have seen it before Madisyn moved to her twin bed! (Great find on the matress! Because of you, I have fell in love with Craigslist... so thank you!)