Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Tulip Time

Yesterday my mom, Lucy, and I went to Tulip Time in the morning, with Lucy all dressed up like a little Dutch Girl. She was so cute - when she got her dress on at home and looked in the mirror she was smiling and twisting around to see herself. She wore her wooden shoes the entire time, and they only fell off once. Adding a pair of socks fixed that, and she was even trying to run in them! She slipped a couple of times, but she never seemed bothered by having them on her feet, and everyone who saw her commented on how well she was walking in them. By the end of the day they had a good amount of mud on them (but then again, that's what they're made for)... and she also started to drag her feet a lot more as she got quite tired (maybe because they're so much heavier than regular shoes), but we had the stroller to give her a break for a while.
Lucy met a boy a little bit older than her, who was also all dressed up in a costume. It turns out his mom is originally from Grandville and her younger sister was friends with my sister in high school. She just moved back to West Michigan, so I got her e-mail address - at least to send her some photos I took of her son.
We had an elephant ear and saw an organ grinder, and just basically enjoyed the beautiful weather and of course the tulps. Ron and I are taking Lucy again on Friday - probably without the costume though. I can't believe she wore the hat, dress, and shoes for three hours without whining at all... she was such a good girl!
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